Mountain Roots Day Camp

Preschool Camp: ages 4-5 

​​​Why Choose Mountain Roots?



Mountain Roots has a lot of passions. And as an organization focused on living out these passions, we include them in every week of both Preschool Camp and Full Day Camp! 

Weekly Themes

In addition to the 5 focus areas above, Mountain Roots camps focus on a new theme each week! Here are some examples of themes your child may explore in camp this summer: 


Exploring the natural world is an integral part of our camps. Campers learn about the outdoors through exploratory games, environmental education activities, and free play time.

Campers explore a creek ecosystem

Full Day Camp: rising 1st-4th


Mountain Roots, Inc.

Your child will create art using a variety of materials during their time at camp. Whether they are tie dying shirts, sculpting clay gnomes, or painting flowerpots, Mountain Roots campers are always creating!

Campers get their hands dirty to learn about where their food comes from! By digging up potatoes, picking berries, or harvesting beans, campers participate in the process of growing their food.   

Every day of Mountain Roots Day Camp starts with songs, and musical activities are integrated throughout the week. Your child may even have a chance to create their own homemade instrument.

Day Camp water play

​​Discover and learn in the mountains of Western North Carolina this summer! Mountain Roots offers fun and educational day camp adventures for preschool and elementary-aged campers. Both of our camps are focused on the outdoors and connecting campers to each other, their community, and the natural environment. 

Campers learn the importance of community service by learning from and showing their gratitude to community leaders. 



Plants and You

     How do plants help people and animals survive?

Peace Like a River

     How do rivers thrive and support plants, animals, and humans?

Healthy Bodies

     How do our bodies work? How can we keep them healthy and move them in different ways? 


     What skills do we need to survive and thrive in the woods?

Nature Detectives

     How can we use our observation skills to investigate mysteries of the natural world?

Moving Mountains

     What music, stories, crafts, and species make the Southern Appalachian Mountains unique?​​