Mountain Roots Ramblers Overview:

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Monday–July 8-- 9 am - 4 pm (stay at home & family provides sack lunch)--Registration, day at camp, get to know you activities, day trip to Pisgah, wilderness skills overview.

Tuesday–July 9--9 am - 4 pm (stay at home & family provides sack lunch)--Gear fitting, practice hike with packs in Pisgah, Leave No Trace, Camp set up, etc.

Wednesday 9 am - Saturday @ 1pm (July 10-July 13) –3 night / 4 day backpacking trip. All meals will be a group effort and provided from Wednesday-Saturday. Pick up by Noon on Saturday at Brevard Academy. 

Join us for our first summer of Mountain Roots Ramblers backpacking camp!

Who: Rising 7th - 9th graders

What: Backpacking camp–2 days prep work (while staying at home / with family), 4 days, 3 nights on backpacking trip. (Monday-Saturday). 
Where: Prep days at Brevard Academy (Monday-Tuesday), Backpacking in local Wilderness (Wed-Saturday)
When: July 8-13, 2024

Why: To embrace the opportunities to learn basic backpacking skills–including camp set up (tarps), outdoor cooking, sanitation, Leave No Trace, traveling and navigating in the wilderness, small group skills, safety and risk management, packing a pack, a range of backcountry knots and general skills. And because why not, when you can sleep under the stars, traveling through the Forest with new friends, learning and growing while soaking in incredible scenery, and developing a stronger connection to the natural world?! 

Mountain Roots Ramblers Fun Facts and Notable Notes: 

  • Why Ramblers? The defintion of ramble is "a leisurely excursion for pleasure". At Mountain Roots, we want our middle school campers to have an opportunity to embrace the natural world in the company of their peers and new trail group while enjoying a leisurely excursion for pleasure. Annnd...We are bringing back our Ramblers program which was our very first outdoor educaiton program in 2013, providing a homeschool outdoor educaiton co-op for local families on Wednesdays throughout the school year. While that program no longer exists, it's where we find our roots, and seemed like a great opportunity to loop in our organization's educational legacy from 10 years ago. 
  • A note about Equipment: Families will provide all personal gear (a packing list will be provided to all families--as well as recommendations on gear rentals, places to buy affordable personal gear, etc.). For the overnight portion of the week, Mountain Roots will provide all food, group tarps, stoves, cooking gear, bear bag/canister supplies, water purification, navigation supplies, etc. 
  • Who's leading the trip? This year's trip will be spearheaded by staff who have backpacking and group management experience, years of experience with Moutnain Roots Day Camp and working with children. Our lead instructor maintains their Wilderness First Responder, and has been a professional guide and trip leader for over 15 years in WNC. 

Mountain Roots Ramblers

Backpacking Camp

July 8-13, 2024

​Pisgah Forest, NC

Mountain Roots, Inc.