Mountain Roots, Inc.

Bracken Mountain Races: Thanks to all who joined us for the 4th Annual Bracken event --See the Bracken Races page for more

A Word From Our Participants

"I will take away Connections! Energy! Inspiration! Readiness to Make a Difference!" --Leadership Retreat Participant

"I learned to be confident and put myself in situations I'm not used to. If I don't, I might miss out on some GREAT opportunities!"

--Leadership Camp Participant

Women's Backpacking Course Fall 2017 -- Brevard, NC

Learn all the essentials you’ll need to begin the sport of backpacking. Classroom topics include pre-trip planning, boot selection, food selection and stove use, water purification, gear selection, how to pack, campsite setup, and “leave no trace” ethics. The class is designed to give you the confidence and basic skills to spend a night or a few days enjoying the backcountry. Class size is limited so apply early. See Registration form for information on equipment and class structure.

Fall Class Dates--To Be Determined

​Check back soon for dates & registration info.


​​Professional Development Workshops and​ Group Retreats

 Does your company, team, or group need a retreat? Would you enjoy

 spending some time to look at goal setting and leadership dynamics?

 One of Mountain Roots' longest standing programs is a week long

 leadership camp for teenagers in western North Carolina. Contact us to

 plan your leadership program or team building retreat today. We can design

a program for your group at your site or use a nearby retreat center or even

enjoy some trailside and mountaintop reflection in DuPont State Forest

Or Pisgah National Forest. We'll help you to assess your group's needs

and plan the ultimate program!

Outdoor Education

Are you interested in incorporating more outdoor time in your school's curriculum?

We can help! Mountain Roots has developed extensive outdoor education activities

that can be offered on a regular basis--weekly, monthly, and quarterly options are

available. Enjoy the benefit of getting students outside, making connections, and

exploring / learning in new ways.

Mountain Roots’ Outdoor Education program provides regular opportunities to integrate focused experiential learning into the school routine. Our TLC (Teams, Leadership, & Character development) and Environmental Education (EE) programs allow the opportunity for students to make connections to themselves, their classmates and community, as well as the natural world. Schools may choose to intertwine both TLC & EE or cater the program to focus on one or the other.

Our Outdoor Education programs can be offered to all your students (K-8) on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. We work with each school to design a plan that will best meet the needs of your school. To us, Outdoor Education is a means to explore and take learning out of the classroom while we engage in nature-based science lessons, team building, leadership, and character development throughout the entire school year.