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Schools are Saying:

“I have heard my students talking about your visit over and over. They are telling parents, classroom volunteers, and anyone who will listen about how we can take care of the Earth. Thank you for teaching such valuable lessons.”   

-Transylvania County teacher

“I always get comments like, ‘This is SO much fun!’ and ‘Do we have to go inside already?’. From my perspective, I see them retaining more of what they learn, because they are playing an active role in their learning, moving around, and really thinking about what they're doing.”

-Transylvania County teacher

Mountain Roots teaches hands-on outdoor learning experiences that connect K-8 students to the outdoor spaces in their backyards. Our programs provide intentional opportunities for students to learn in an experiential way during their school day.  Our interdisciplinary curriculum enhances classroom learning and incorporates exploration and active play into every lesson.

We partner with schools to design the best experience possible for them. Schools choose which grades they’d like us to work with, how many hour-long lessons they’d like to integrate into their school year, and which lessons best fit their school’s needs. Contact us to design your school's Outdoor Education program today.

Develop Future Leaders. Mountain Roots Leadership Education lessons teach students to respect each other and work together as a community. Our TLC curriculum (Teams, Leadership, and Character Development) strives to create a future generation of leaders that values kindness, communication, and inclusion.

Students form stronger bonds with their classmates through team-building activities, examine their own values, and brainstorm healthy ways to communicate their emotions. Students learn ways to respect differences and diversity, and practice strategies to resolve conflicts.

Add Nature to the School Day. Mountain Roots' Environmental Education lessons use hands-on activities to foster curiosity about the natural world and a deeper sense of place. Instructors use experiential learning methods to teach students grade-specific science and social studies concepts. Our place-based lessons target K-8 Common Core Standards and focus on Western North Carolina’s ecosystems.

Students examine the flora of their schoolyards to learn about photosynthesis, and act out the life cycles of North Carolina salamanders. Students model the processes that formed local rock formations, navigate their way through their schoolyards using maps and compasses, and discuss actions they can take to conserve their local ecosystems.

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Environmental Education